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One of our favorite ways to save is through Amazon-Subscribe & Save. I don’t feel like a lot of people know about the program and are missing out. Subscribe & Save is like a monthly purchasing program, but you have the power to add/subtract items every month. You are not obligated to use the program each month.

Every month we choose items like pull-ups, diaper wipes, cleaning supplies, snacks, vitamins/supplements and personal care items. The items you select throughout the month is shipped to you at the beginning of the following month.  The one thing I had to remember is that the payment comes out of your account right before your items are shipped. Sometimes I have forgotten to account for those things. Now I  just make myself a monthly reminder to add the total up and deduct it from my account. Amazon will allow you to clip their online coupons on top of the savings they give you for subscribing.

I tried to share what my current cart looks like. I still have to add  three more items to get my 20% off discount, but I have until September 25th to do so. You can see the expected payment date and the delivery time (I have experienced mine always coming sooner, normally a couple days after payment). You also can can cancel the subscriptions at any time. I cancel all mine monthly after they have arrived to my home.  You are not guaranteed the same price as you paid the previous month.  I like to cancel, shop around, clip online coupons, and save some more each month. I never get the same items each month.


Subscription Benefits

  • Save up to 15% on your entire order when you receive 5 or more subscriptions on your monthly delivery day
    • We get 20% off of 5 items (due to having Amazon Mom/Prime)
  • Receive free shipping on every Subscribe & Save shipment
  • Cancel at any time – there are no commitments, obligations, or fees
  • No upfront charges – pay only when the item is shipped


2 thoughts on “Amazon -Subscribe & Save

  1. I love Amazon. I found this service so useful when I was care taking for my mother and couldn’t get out to the store. It was simply amazing the things I was able to buy. At really great prices as well. I needed adult diapers, and different supplies for her daily care and bath. This was the way!

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