February Ipsy Bag



February Ipsy Bag

This is my first month of subscribing to Ipsy and boy did I hit the mother-load. I can not complain with this bag at all – especially when the subscription is $10. Each month you will get 4-5 products AND a bag to go with it. You also can also review products and earn points on items they have available in their Ipsy store.

This month had the theme #ipsyLove and it came with a cute valentines theme. Let’s start with my favorite product – Glam Glow. These are normally $70 for a pack of 12 and in my Ipsy bag – I got two! That paid for the bag already. The under eye treatments have two pods – one meant for each eye. I found that one pod is enough for both eyes and this means I am getting 4 treatments out of this. Glam Glow is all the rage right now and I am excited to give these a try. The Cargo lippie – I was leery about the color, but it’s perfect with a nude lip liner. The Blush and brush was very nice, perfect color and the brush was so soft. The NYX Liner I received was silver- I remember wearing silver liner in the 90s. I will have to look up to wear it 20 years later (wow – I am getting old).  Overall – this was a fantastic bag! I will be definitely trying out another month on Ipsy.

To try out Ipsy – go here: http://www.ipsy.com/r/1fgzq?sid=ipsypoints&cid=general

When signing up – don’t freak out about the wait list. You have three steps to follow to get of the wait list – I was able to get off the wait list the same day.


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